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Blue Angel chords - Roy Orbison

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Roy Orbison Sheet music

	              Am        Gm7          C13
	(Sha... la... la, dooby wah, dum dum dum, yip yip)
	  F          Am        Gm7          C13
	(Fum, sha la la, dooby wah, dum dum dum, yip yip)

Verse 1:

	F              Dm
	Oh, Blue Angel    don't you cry
	Bb                  C
	   Just because he said goodbye
	F         Dm
	Oh, ah-ah-aah
	Bb         C
	No, don't cry

Verse 2:

	Oh, Blue Angel    have no fear, I'll
	   Brush away   lonely teardrops
	Hey... hey
	Whoa whoa... ooh...

	           F   Bb           F
	(Yip yip, fum, wah wah wah wah)

Bridge 1:

	     F  F# G  G# A  A   [quarter-note triplets]
	     /  /  /  /  /  /

	Bb                        Gm
	   Well, love's precious flame
	F                 Dm
	  Just burned in vain
	But you're not to blame
	G7                                   C7
	   You thought love was a game, it's oh such a shame
	              Bb          F
	But don't you cry, don't sigh
	I'll tell you why
	                   Bb  C
	I'll never say goodbye
	Blue Angel
	        Am        Gm7          C13
	(Sha la la, dooby wah, dum dum dum)
	           F   Bb           F
	(Yip yip, fum, wah wah wah wah)

Bridge 2:

	     F  F# G  G# A  A   [quarter-note triplets]
	     /  /  /  /  /  /

	Bb                       Gm
	   We'll have lovin' so fine
	F                  Dm
	  Magic moments divine
	If you'll just say you're mine
	      G7                      C7 [N.C.]
	I'll love you till the end of ti-i-ime
	               F          Bb         F
	Don't you...  worry your pretty head
	                   Gm          Bb     Gm
	I'll never let you do-ow-ow-ow-ow-own
	                Bb                C
	I'll always be arou-ou-ou-ou-ound
	Blue Angel


	        Am        Gm7          C13            F
	(Sha la la, dooby wah, dum dum dum, yip yip, fum)
	  Bb [N.C.]                   Fmaj7
	Blu-ue a-an-gel  (Sha... la... la)

Roy Orbison ChordsRoy Orbison Lyrics

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