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In Dreams chords - Roy Orbison

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Roy Orbison Sheet music
	C                                 Am
	A candy colored clown they call the sandman
	Dm                      G13
	Tiptoes to my room everynight
	 C                                Am
	Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
	        F           G7           C
	Go to sleep, everything is all right

	I close my eyes
	Then I drift away
	Into the magic night
	I softly say

	A silent prayer
	Like dreamers do
	Then I fall asleep to dream
	My dreams of you

	     C                  G7
	In dreams I walk   with you
	     F       G7        C
	In dreams I talk   to you
	In dreams you're mine
	All of the time, we're
	   C Dm  G    C     Dm   G7
	Together in dreams, in dreams

	     C      Fm       C
	But just before the dawn
	    C        Fm          C
	I awake and find you're gone
	         C                              Dm
	I can't help it   I can't help it  if I cry
	G7          C
	I remember that you said goodbye

	          C        F          G7
	It's too bad that all these things
	          C     F       G7
	Can only happen in my dreams
	 C        D7
	Only in dreams
	   Dm7 G7      C
	In beautiful dreams

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