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Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus chords - Jimmie Osborne

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                Capo 1st Fret

Intro: Follow pattern of first line in first verse*

(C) On April the 8th, the (G) year forty-(C)-nine (C7)
Death (F) claimed a little child, so pure and so (C) fine (C7)
(F) Kathy they called her, met her doom that (C) day
*I know it was God, that (G) called her a-(C)-way

Playmates of Kathy, were (G) all havin' (C) fun (C7)
The (F) story was told, they all started to (C) run (C7)
And (F) as they looked back, she wasn't (C) there
It's so sad to think of this (G) tragic af-(C)-fair

Just like a beast in a (G) forest that (C) day (C7)
The (F) abandoned well, took Kathy a-(C)-way (C7)
For (F) over two days, the well was her (C) tomb
**Everyone kept prayin' they'd (G) get her out (C) soon

(C) Thousands were there, from (G) far and from (C) near (C7)
(F) Work men they struggled, against sadness and (C) tears (C7)
But (F) after two days, their hopes grew so (C) weak
**They called down to Kathy but she (G) never did (C) speak

Instrumental: Follow pattern of line just finished**

After working so hard, (G) both day and (C) night (C7)
(F) Digging for hours, she came into (C) sight (C7)
The little (F) darlin' was dead, her life it was (C) gone
Now in San Merino, there's a (G) heart broken (C) home

I'm sure she's an angel, in (G) God's peaceful (C) fold (C7)
(F) Playing with children, in a mansion of (C) gold (C7)
As (F) I stand alone, humbly I (C) bow
I know Kathy's happy, up (G) there with God (C) now

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