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Give Back My Ring And Picture chords - Jimmie Osborne

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                Intro: (G)//// //// (C)//// //// (G)//// (D)// (D7)// (G)//// ////

(G) Oh please give (D) back the (D7) ring I (G) gave you
And my picture though its stained with (D) tears (D7)
I (G) tried your love but (G7) you have (C) failed me
Now you're (G) left to (D) face the (D7) bitter (G) years

It's all your (C) fault, I'm not (G) blame
You chose another, though you had my (D) name (D7)
He proved un-(G)-true, now I'm (G7) forced to (C) say
Give back my (G) picture, (D) and (D7) ring to-(G)-day

Instrumental: Follow pattern of V2

(G) I'll long re-(D)-member (D7) your af-(G)-fection
And the kind words that I thought were (D) true (D7)
But (G) all the time (G7) you were (C) cheating
And (G) now it (D) has come (D7) home to (G) you

I must for-(C)-get you, I can't for-(G)-give
I'd be unhappy, long as I (D) live (D7)
In closing (G) dear, (G7) again I (C) say
Give back my (G) picture, (D) and (D7) ring to-(G)-day

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