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Heaven On Earth chords - Patrick Murphy

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                Patrick Murphy - Heaven On Earth
The Rest of Forever (2000)

F#m - A  F#m - A  A - E/G# - F#m - D - E A - E/G# - F#m - D - E

                    A              F#m
We started out as friends, became lovers
   D                  E
and grew into so much more
           A             F#m
Now that we've found, eachother
    D                E
I know what life is for
 D                      E
Till the day that we're called home
  A          E/G#      F#m
He want's us to know the words
D     E         A - E/G# - F#m - D - E
  Of heaven on earth

             A             F#m
Just when I think, we're perfect
  D                 E
nothing can make us better, 
           A            F#m
Guess I was wrong, Girl, I was way off
  D                     E
Something brings us closer together
    D                  E
The ties that bind get stronger
     A       E/G#    F#m
with our new babys birth
D          E           A  
   It's our heaven on earth

 D                  E
Sometimes when I look in your eyes, 
 A         E/G#       F#m
words don't come out right
D                    E
But with everything I am, 
  A     E/G#       F#m
I promiss you tonight
D                    E
That I'll never get enough, 
D          E        A - E/G# - F#m
  of my heaven on heart
     D                    E
You've thought me how to love
D         E       A - E/G# - F#m
You're my heaven on earth
D    E          A - E/G# - F#m - D - E - A
    Heaven on earth

Chords:             Capo 2nd (easier)
F#m  - 244222       Em   - 022000
A    - x02220       G    - 320003
E/G# - 422100       D/F# - 2xx232
D    - xx0232       C    - x32010
E    - 022100       D    - xx0232 

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Patrick Murphy
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