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Rest Of Forever chords - Patrick Murphy

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                Patrick Murphy - The Rest of Forever

Thanks to Brenda for the corrections and guiding, I really appreciated it

E - B - F#m - B - Bsus2

  A                                         E - Esus - E
I've never been a beliver in love at first sight
  A                                                       E - Esus - E
But you changed my mind with just one single look in your eyes
 C#m                          G#m
Cause everyone talks about time standing still
 C#m                             G#m
But I've never been there when it happend untill
     F#m                         A                         B
You walked in the room. Tell me where have you been all my life?

  E                          B
What are you doing for the rest of forever
  F#m                           B
Please tell me that you got the time
  E                         B
If you're not busy for the rest of forever
  F#m                      B
I'd sure like to make you mine
  A                       Am
I'm promissing you with all of my heart
   E             D             C#
I'll show you how good it could be
   A                        B                    E
If you fall in love for the rest of forever with me

So many questions with answers I may never know
Run through my mind, but my heart saying take it real slow
If I say the wrong thing I could scare you away
If I make the right move you just might want to stay
I'm taking my chances by letting my true feelings show


   A                        B                    E - B - F#m - B - E
If you fall in love for the rest of forever with me

                    Capo 2. (might be a little easier)
E     - 022100      D    - xx0232
B     - x24442      A    - x02220
F#m   - 244222      Em   - 022000
Bsus2 - x24422      Asus2- x02200
A     - x02220      G    - 320033
Esus  - 022200      Dsus - xx0233
C#m   - x46654      Bm   - x24432
G#m   - 466444      F#m  - 244222
Am    - x02210      Gm   - 355444
D     - xx0232      C    - x32010
C#    - x46664      B    - x24442 

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Patrick Murphy
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