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Here I Am chords by Loveless Patty

Loveless Patty Chords

Capo 1 
Intro: G   D   G   D 
Verse One: 
Don't do it darlin, don't you dare look in there 
You said you didn't want to see me,  
But you've been looking for me everywhere 
And you know that you're gonna find me  
       G               D  
if you keep on drinkin fast 
       G         A          Bm                 
'Cause honey I'm right here waitin on you  
       G              D  
At the bottom of your glass 


    G                 D 
And here I am, here I am 
       G                 D         
In the bourbon and the water  
     A                    G   
That burn you just like a brand,  
     A  D 
Here I am


Verse Two: 
It ain't workin darlin, hard as you may try 
You keep hearin the words you told me  
In everyone's goodbye 
And you know that you're just one step  
     G                 D 
From another one being gone 
  G         A            Bm            
I know I've seen 'em all unravel,  
          G               D  
I've been watchin' it all along. 
Chorus Two: 
G                 D 
Here I am, here I am 
   G                   D         
In every lie you're hearin   
     A                    G           A D   
That burn you just like a brand, here I am 
          Em7   D/F#     G         A      Bm7   D/F#   G 
And honey I got over you passin me over a long  time  ago 
        Em7       D/F#     G          A  F#7    
And my pride was stronger when I was younger,  
    Bm                     G     G9 
Now I'd rather have you to know 
Chorus Three 
     G                 D 
That here I am, here I am 
        G             D       A                G               
I still carry a flame for you burnin me like a brand,     
     A  D    G  D    G    D 
here I am

Loveless Patty ChordsLoveless Patty Lyrics

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Loveless Patty

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