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The Dog Song chords - Pinkard & Bowden

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                D                    G          D         
I'd much rather have frog in my throat    then a porcipine 
A           D                               G
stuck to my face     I'd much rather have a bug in my 
D                         A          D
ear     then a dog makin' love to my leg

A girl asks you home to meet Mommy and Daddy    she say's 
she thinks that youre nice   but there's trouble ahead and 

you'll wish you were dead if you don't take this friendly 

D     A       D                               A 
Don't pet the dog  don't pet him whatever you do   'cause 
he aint been fixed and he knows some tricks that will sure 
                   D            A       D       D7
make a fool out of you    don't pet the dog  he gets it 
                G           A
confused with romance  just leave him alone or the next 
thing you know he'll be asking your ankle to dance
    G                       D
you say it's o.k.    try to push him away  whats's his 
A                           D          G
name     does he sit up and beg    you try to be cool but 
    D                       E                       A
you look like a fool with a dog makin' love to your leg  

D     A       D           
Don't pet the dog   he'll boo-boo all over your 
shoes     'cause he aint been fixed    and he knows some 
                 A7                      D
tricks that will sure make a fool out of you   
D     A       D          D7                      G
don't pet the dog     he gets it confused with romance 
just leave him alone    or the next thing you know 
he'll be asking your ankle to dance    
D     A       D
don't pet the dog 

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