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Hillbilly State Of Mind chords - Povertyneck Hillbillies

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                Hillbilly State of Mind

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*CAPO 2*

G               D                 C 
Right along the mason dixon line a little shack sittin back in the pines
G                    D                   C
There was an old man rockin on his porch drinkin shine
G                                 D
he said let me tell you about the good old days
about plowing fields and bailin the hay
G                  D                C
we didnt have much money but we did fine

C            G
cause we had bear in the mountains
deer in the woods
C                       C
and the corn grows tall just like it should
G                  D
friday night had a hillbilly ball
C          C          C
kickin and singin and carryin on
G                            D
summer time in the pale moon light
C              C
me and my girl gettin it right
G            D           C
its a way of life hey it suits me fine
C                       No chord-------  G
talkin bout a hillbilly (pause) state of mind

me and that old timer talked for awhile
about where we grew up when he was a child
we sat and reminised about the good old days
i said aint it funny how times are changed
machines plow the fields and bail that hay
some things will always say the same



G      D      C
whoa state of mind
C                    G
a hillbilly state of mind

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