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The Hillbilly Way chords - Povertyneck Hillbillies

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                The Hillbilly Way
PovertyNeck Hillbillies
Dont Look Back


G5  F  G5    F           
5 a.m. rise and shine,
G5  F      G5      F     G5
out on the job workin the line,
G5    F      G5         F       G5
up in the country thats what we do 
(no chord)
it's a tradition I'm carryin through

G5            F             C5      G5         F         C5
You might not like what you see but that don't matter to me
      G5          F        C5
cause i'm gonna do it the hillbilly way 
      G5         F         C5
thats were i was born it's how i was raised 
       G5                F      C5
if you don't like what i'm doin what can i say 
    G5             F
hey the only way i know how to do it
is the hillbilly way

Verse 2:
Well i can plow a field, hunt for my food, 
light a fire, pass around the home brew 
saturday night i truck into town
raise a little hell closes honkey tonk down


        G5       F     G5        F   G5
When it comes to women one thing i learned
G5      F    G5      F   G5  F   G5
i gotta be myself or i crash and burn 
G5       F    G5       F     G5
theres a girl im seein later today 
(No chord)
she seems to like it the hillbilly way

Chorus x2 

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Povertyneck Hillbillies
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