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Night Life chords - Ray Price

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Ray Price Sheet music

Night Life
(BMI 1065142)
Written by Willie Nelson, W. Breeland, P. Buskirk
Published by Glad Music Co, and Sony ATV Song Tree Inc.
Performed by Ray Price (Decca Records)
The original has an excellent steel guitar part by
Grady Martin, but you can also do a great job with a 
6-string.  Just let those blues riffs rip...

Instrumental Intro
    D   Bm   Emaj7   A A7  D

    D                         Bm
1.  When the evenin' sun goes down

    G                         F
    You will find me hangin' 'round

    D              Bm    Emaj7   A    A7
    The night life ain't no good life

             D        Bm    Emaj7  A7
    But it's my life! 

2.  Many people just like me,
    Dreamin' of old used-to-be.
    The night life ain't no good life,
    But it's my life!


    D                            D7     
    Listen to the blues, they're playin'
    G7                 A7        D7      Emaj7  A  A7
    Listen to what the blues are sayin'

3.  Mine is just another scene,
    From the world of broken dreams.
    The night life ain't no good life,
    But it's my life!

Instrumental break

Repeat 3.

            D     Bm            Emaj7     A7
    Oh, the night life ain't no good life,
            A7            D     G A7 D                 
    But its my ---------- life!
                                ^ good place for 
                               adding color chords,
                               to your own taste...
Tabbed 03/31/97 by Bob West, based on how our band did it,
which was taken from the original Ray Price recording on 
Decca (1963?). Improvements and corrections cheerfully 
accepted! Also, thanks and kudos to the Staff and Management 
of COWPIE for maintaining this tremendous database of songs!

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