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Run Boy 2 chords - Ray Price

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Run Boy 2 Sheet music

From, Tim Ausburn  
This is my version of a song sent in earlier.

Written by Hy Heath     Recorded by Ray Price

Verse one:
(D) So you and your true love have (A7) parted,
And you've left her all  A - (D) lone,
Don't hesitate, un - (G) till it's too late,
Just (D) say that the (A7) fault was your (D) own.

Chorus # one:
(D) Run boy, as fast as you can,
Back to the one who (A7) loves only you,
Tell her you're sorry you had to part,
And don't break her heart in - (D) two.

Verse two:
(D) Just tell her you can't live with - (A7) out her,
And don't let this be the (D) end,
Don't let your pride, cast (G) true love aside,
Go (D) back and start (A7) over  A - (D) gain.

Chorus # two:
(D) Run boy, as fast as you can,
Back to the one who (A7) loves only you,
Tell her you'll never roam again,
And don't break her heart in - (D) two.

Verse three:
(D) Go back and ask her to for - (A7) give you,
For doubting her love so (D) true,
Don't be ashamed to (G) say you're to blame,
Her (D) arms are still (A7) yearnin' for (D) you.

Repeat chorus # one:

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