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Doubt If It Does To You chords - Toni Price

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Doubt If It Does To You Sheet music

>"I doubt if it does to you"          TONI 
>PRICE                                                Written by Gwil Owen
>Am                                         C   (bass run down?)
>Doesn't the sun shine anymore?
>Am                                                   C
>Doesn't the moon shine on the shore?
>Am                     Dm                  F                      C 
>              Am
>Doesn't the earth turn the same way, for you as it does for me baby?
>C                            G
>I doubt if it does to you
>Dm                          Am
>You don't know what I'm going through
>C                            G
>I doubt if it does to you
>Dm                               Am
>You don't know what you put me through.
>Am                                    C
>Hasn't the rain stopped coming down?
>Am                                     C
>Isn't the snow gone from the ground?
>Am          Dm                     F                C           Am
>Doesn't it feel like a winters day for us to be this way?
>Repeat Chorus 1 time
>Repeat 1st verse 1 time
>Repeat Chorus again.

This song was originally on "Swim Away", this progression is from a live 
version, slower and sadder.

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