Like The Sun chords - Toni Price

Toni Price Lyrics

"Like the Sun"    Toni 
Price                                               from the live album: 
Sol Power       Written by Gwil Owen

Capo at 3rd fret!

Em  G    Am   C
I open my door
Em   G   Am    C
and you come rushing in
Em    G   Am    C
And I feel you warm
Against my skin

Well, I know you'll leave me
but, I know you'll return
and it's all around you
that my world turns

Em                G             Am                  G
And when evening Comes,    and the shadows grow
Em            G             Am    C
I beg you stay, but you always go Em G Am C D (can add Dsus) I need you so bad, but I share you with everyone Em G Am C Like the sun Em G Am C Like the sun Em G Am C Like the suuuuun. Add D again (& Dsus) You came to me in my darkest hour and you helped me see and you gave me flowers ah, buy you make me crazy when you get too high and just lookin' at you well, it makes me cry Repeat Chorus Dsus = --O233 EADGBE Submitted by Laurie M.