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I Wanna Dance With You chords - Eddie Rabbitt

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I wanna dance with you
By:  Eddie Rabbitt

Key of A

A                 E
I came in here to have a good time
     G                  D
With nothing particular on my mind
     A         E                    D
When I saw you sittin' there by yourself
            A                    E
Why don't we put a nickel in the ol' jukebox
G                 D
Come on baby I'll dance off your socks
      A                  E                   D
Cause you sure look like you need a friend tonight

        A               G
I wanna dance with you, be with you
D                        E
Baby you could show me a thing or two
        A               G
I wanna dance with you, talk with you
D                       E
Maybe together we could shake the blues
         A               G
I wanna dance with you, rock with you
D                            E
We'll have a ball before the night is through
        A (bass build: A, B, C#, D, E, D, C#, B)
I wanna dance with you, I wanna dance with you

I wanna dance with you woo, woo, woo, woo

A                 E
I don't even know your name yet,
    G                             D
But you're the kind of girl a man can't forget
    A            E                    D
The way you move sure sets my soul on fire

   A                 E
So come on baby we'll show 'em all
      G                          D
We'll dance on the ceiling we'll dance on the wall
   A                  E                        D
Before you're through dancing to this heart of mine, mine, mine

(solo)-shown below
outro: A

   A                                              Bb B C Db D

   D                              A

  E                   D                A


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