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We Must Be Doing Something chords - Eddie Rabbitt

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We must be doing something right
By: Eddie Rabbitt

Key of G

Intro:  G G G   G G G

                        G  G G                        C C C
We were just two young lovers, we were barely out of school
                      D       D D               C   C C
And I learned what forever meant when I fell in love with you
D                    G   G G                C      C C
I put a ring on your finger and we stumbled into life
                              D         D D
We didn't know where we were going back then
                    G   C  D
Oh but that was all right

                     G                       C
We were just getting started, I was only seventeen
When I got my first job on the line
Oh they worked me like a machine,
D                      G                                C
but not one drop of my blood or my sweat for one day do I regret
            D                                            G  C  D
I've worked hard all my life and this is as good as it gets

                                        G  C  D
We must be, we must be doin' something right
                     G           C        D
Cause baby I'm still happy after all this time
          G             C       D           Em
You still bring out the best in me, and any fool could see
     D              C         (notes: C, D, E, F)            G  C D
That you and me, oh we must be, we must be doin' something right

                 G                       C
And it's all so amazing how the years go flying by
             D                              C                D
I look at my children grown up and I see myself in their eyes
                       G                          C
And you still drive me crazy and that old fire's burning bright
                 D                                        G   C  D
And yah the guys still laugh at me when I go rushing home at night

C                                           G-A; C-D; D-E; Em-F#m
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah... we must be....chorus-(key change)
E                     A   D E                           A
(d-d-d-doing something right, cause baby, baby I'm still happy....


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