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Gonna Get Whats Coming chords - Bonnie Raitt

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You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming
Robert Palmer / The Glow 1979

as recorded by Bonnie Raitt

1           1            1     1
You came up on me like a landslide
2                     b7
Once in a while I get taken like that
      1        1
And I like it
1          1                  1        1
I've got a Thunderbird parked right outside
2                   b7
Give me a minute to finish this thing
          1          1
And we'll light it

6                       6           2     2
In all this heat it's a job keeping cool
6                    6      5    5
  and I could fry an egg on you
1           1            1     1
You came up on me like a landslide
2                     b7
Once in a while I get taken like that
      1        1
And I like it

1                       1
You're Gonna get what’s coming
            b3                      b3
You've been askin' for it two days' running
4                       4
You're gonna get what’s coming
             1                    1
You're gonna get what’s coming to you

I hope that you’re half as intrepid
As you make out
More often than not, I'll bet
You never got what you asked for
Keep on pouring until you hear me shout
Turn up the sound if you want me to drive
Any faster

Caution went out when you walked in the room
If it never came back it would be too soon
You came up on me like a landslide
Once in a while I get taken like that
And I like it

CHORUS [3X] 3rd is lead

In all this heat. . .


[Chord gets entire measure's time]
[Number system for any key: in C, 1=C, 2=D-, 3=E-, etc.]

transcribed by OtMan

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