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Papa Come Quick tabs - Bonnie Raitt

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                APA COME QUICK
Riff    capo: 3

1.      Papa come quick, Jody's gone to the city
                                                 A         E    
        What we gonna do now that Jody's gone?
        She left a note on the TV and Papa it's a pity
                                                 A         E
        What we gonna do now that Jody's gone?          Riff

2.      Mama's been cryin in the kitchen since mornin'
        She cried right through "As The World Turns"
        I seen it myself and Papa it's a b**ch'n
        Let's haul ass before the baby gets burned

Chorus  Gas up the old Ford, get out the road map
                                                           D                A
                They got a head start about half a day
                Load up the shotgun, put it in the gun rack
                                                         B         E
                Jody's with Chico down in east L.A.
3.      Well, it must have been that wild-eyed, silver-tongued schemer
        A girl like Jody don't think for herself
        Him and that Harley and his damn jalapena
        Smokin' that stuff'll make you hurt yourself

                                        A E                             A E
Bridge  Papa come quick / Papa come quick
                                        A E                             A E
                Papa come quick / Papa come on

First verse (a capella)

Chorus  Gas up the old Ford, get out the road map
                They got a head start about half a day
                Stop at the Mobil, pump up the flat wheel
                Jody & Chico and his ding dang deal

Riff 2x / Second verse (a capella) / Riff



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