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Connected At The Heart chords - Ricochet

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Not extremely clear on the bridge, also the tab is not exact but should give 
you a basic idea of what is going on if you listen to the recording.  
Corrections/Revisions/stuff welcome and appreciated!

SONG: Connected At The Heart
ARTIST: Ricochet
ALBUM: Blink Of An Eye
SONGWRITERS: S. Ewing, D. Kees
TRANSCRIPTION: Jennifer George 

        D     E     A        F#m      D      E     A

A          D              E            A
There is a picture in the pocket of my shirt
A        D                 E
I always have you close to me
A         D            E           A
When I'm away from you all I do is hurt
A        D                E
I think about you constantly
Bm                        A
But you're always with me deep inside
      F#m             D        E
I can feel you when I close my eyes

A          D            A
We are connected at the heart
A          D                  A           E
Nothing on earth can keep the two of us apart
Bm          E         A              F#m
Time has no meaning, distance has no power
It's never too late
No matter how long
We're never that far
We are connected at the heart

{Repeat Intro}

{Verse 2, same chord pattern}
Every night I get down on my knees and pray
I know God's listening to me
Sometimes I have to work a little on my faith
But I don't have to see Him to believe
Isn't that a little bit like you and me
We're not always eye to eye but I know we...

{Repeat Chorus}

F#m                 A
Part of each other, one and the same
Bm          D      E
Blood of my blood, soul of my soul

{Repeat Chorus}

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