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Daddys Money chords - Ricochet

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By: Ricoche
From: Charlie Schweitzer (CccSchw@AOL.Com)

       D      A                         D
(1st Verse)  Cain't concentrate on the preacher preachin',
     A                         D
My attention span done turned off.
A                  D
I want in on that angel singin', 
E                      A
Up there in the choir loft.

(Chorus)  She's got her Daddy's money, Her Mama's good looks, 
More laughs than a stack of comic books.

A wild imagination, a college education, 
Add it all up, it's a deadly combination.
She's a good bass fisher, a dynamite kisser, country as a turnip green. 

               A (Stop on first time)
She's got her Daddy's money, her Mama's good looks, 
And look who's lookin' at me.

              A                        D
(2nd Verse)  Her second cousin was my third grade teacher.  
   A                         D
I used to cut her Grandma's grass.
      A                        D
Back then she was nothin' but knees and elbows.  
 E                     A
Golly did she grow up fast!

(Chorus)  (Lead)  G

              A                      D
(3rd Verse)  Lord if you've got any miracles handy, 
 A                     D
Maybe you can grab me one.
             A                      D
Just let me walk down the isle and say I do, 
         E                        A
To that angel with the choir robe on.


               A (Stop)
She's got her Daddy's money, her Mama's good looks, 
And look who's lookin' at me.

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