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Blue Montana Skies chords - Riders In The Sky

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"Blue Montana Skies" as performed by Riders In The Sky
Interpreted by Robin Folkvord; Submitted by Gary K. Luther
From "Best of the West" CD, Track 8
(This is not exactly whats on the CD but kinda close)

INTRO: | D   A   D   Bm   E | (Intro can be yodeled)
 A        D               A
Riding alone under blue Montana skies
       E                                         A D E
Not caring where my pony carries me
 A            D               A
Feelin' at home under blue Montana skies
            E                                 A
Where nature sings her song in harmony
       E            B7            E                      B7
The law of the land is to mortgage on your soul
C                           G                 C C7
But the code of the west is to be free
A                             D               A
Don't know where I'll roam under blue Montana skies
         E                          A
I'll be ridin' 'till I meet my destiny
D   A   D   Bm   E
A                D                 A
Free as the eagle flies in blue Montana skies
         E                                          A       F A
With him my spirit sours and will be free (last time)

break (repeat above yodel or if talented do an interlude)

repeat last verse (Free as the eagle.....)


Riders In The Sky ChordsRiders In The Sky Lyrics

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Riders In The Sky
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