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The Big Wide Open Range chords - Riders In The Sky

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I'm not sure of the title of this song, because I learned it from the 
Riders in the Sky Saturday morning kids show. I'll guess it's called 
The Big Wide Open Range.
verse 1
There's a blue moon risin' on the Lone Star horizon
       G             D              Em7  A7
By a dusty trail a sleepy campfire flames
          D    Dmaj7      D7             G       Gm6  
I'll be riding with the dogies, and the lonely coyotes
        D   Bm  Em7 A7  D  
On the Big Wide Open Range

I can see my Susanna with a gambler in Montana

Heading North on a Wells-Fargo stage

I'll be headed for Wyoming, when the day breaks I'll be dawning

On the Big Wide Open Range

Chorus Bflat     D           D        C#m    Bm    Bm7        Em7 A7
Hurry on- Texas sun, let me ride and rope until my heartache's gone
            D Dmaj7   D7            G       Gm6  
There's a campfire a'dying, and a Cowboy a'sighing
       D   Bm   Em7 A7 D
On the Big Wide Open Range

Instrumental Break same as verse

Chorus and repeat last line
                                       Mike Butterfield

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Riders In The Sky
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