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Miracle of Living chords by Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott Chords

He left Boston in December for New Mexico
Determined to forget all of the faces he’d known
         D       A                        E    
A little lonesome and a world of troubled mind
With a bed roll on his shoulder and a banjo on his knee
He would hitch a ride with truckers, he believed them to be free 
         D        A                              E
Eighteen-wheelers roll a little further down the line
He did not meet a girl in Richmond nor in old San Antone
His vision of the Southwest would be realized alone
         D     A                           E
Alone to wonder how his life had gone thus far

"The walkup you can hear leading into the chorus can be played like this:"


Chorus 1:
C#m                    A
As he walked along the highway
B                      E
He felt a power from inside 
C#m                   A 
He found a miracle of living
B                         E
In having nothing left to hide

He walked Carlsbad to White Sands for forty days and nights 
But it only took ten minutes for that man to realize
D                  A     E  
Lord, it’s lonesome everywhere

Nananona, Nananona, Nananona, nanano
      E                                           D   A
Nananona, Nananona, Nananona, nanano, yeah, yeah

He’s walking down the road he says

Nananona, Nananona, Nananona, nanano

Nananona, Nananona, Nananonam, nanano

Now he’s living back in Boston teaching English in high school
Glad to have bi-weekly wages, Glad the kids all think he’s cool
He’s a man who has learned from where he’s been
He keeps a bottle full of white sand on his table down the hall
And a worn map of New Mexico thumb-tacked on the wall
Oh, you never know He may need to go again

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
As he walks along the hallway
He feels that power swell up from inside 
And finds a miracle of living 
In having nothing left to hide

Oh, it’s a miracle

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