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Jim Beam chords by Shane Grenert

Shane Grenert Chords

Jim Beam chords by Shane Grenert
Standard Tuning, no capo\
Intro: 4/4 time | G | | D | 2/4 | G |
Verse 1
G                            D
As I sit here playing this guitar,
G                              D
All that I can think about is you.
G                                          D
Compared to you, this guitar don't mean a thing,
G                                  D
'Cause when I see you i just wanna go

Ohhhhh,ohhhhh, ohhHHH
G                              D
You looking so fine in those skinny blue jeans and 
Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhHHH
G                           D
To you, if anyone was ever mean and
Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhHHHHH
G                     D
They oughta know my fist hurt worst than 
Jim Beam

Verse 2
G                  D 
I see you walkin' around,
G               D
And i get this pain.
G                        D
And i just look at the ground,
G                                     D
'Cause if I look at you i just might say
(Repeat Chorus)
Solo: 4/4 | G | | D | x2 (going down neck) | G | (normal G)
Repeat up until "...Worst than" then restart chorus, first time you play chorus after the solo is quiet.

Outro | G | | D |, | G | once 

Shane Grenert ChordsShane Grenert Lyrics

Shane Grenert Chords List

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