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Your Face chords - Shane Grenert

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                Verse 1
Oh, it's been one of those days,
            C         A                   E
I've been beaten up, broken down, and battered,
              D      Gm
and I'm not feeling okay.
but when i see you walk by,
              C          A 
those dark clouds that rolled on in,
      E     D    Gm
they just, fade away.

They fade away, all because of

Chorus 1
     Cadd9       C         A       E
Your face, your cute lil smile on your,
    D      Gm
beautiful face.
Cause when you walk by, all i can think about is
C                        A        
how i'm gonna get that purty lil smile on your
           E              D     |2/4 D| |4/4 G|
purty lil face to--- be mine----

Verse 2
Cadd9          C            A     E
When you walk away i'm all love struck,
                  D    Gm
and my head goes all fuzzy.
And i just can't get the nerve to talk to you,
        C                   A         E
cause when i talk to you i begin to stutter,
                D   Gm
and i get all flustered.

this all happens because of

Chorus 2(same chords as Chorus 1)

Your face, your cute lil smile on your,

beautiful face.

Cause when i'm talking to you, all i can thinks about is

how i'm gonna get that purty lil smile on 

your, purty lil face--- to--- be mine

Bridge (right after Chorus 2)
This song goes out to her, hopefully when she hears this,
girl hopefully when you hear this,
maybe you'll give me a chance----

cause i just can't go a day without

(repeat first part of chorus up to 'beautiful face, then repeat whole Chorus 1)
|D| |G| |Gm| end on Gm

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