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Everything & More chords by Shane Smith & The Saints

Shane Smith & The Saints Chords

    C C F C Am F C x2
[Verse 1]
C                        F            C
If I tried to define the ways of your kind
    Am             F         C
I'd lose the words within my first line
C                           F              C
'Cause you have your way of speeding up my days
    Am             F             C
You never cease to make the time fly
    Em F G
And Ooohhh
if the city burns to ashes,
        F               C              Am                F        C
and the trees turned to smoke You'd be everything that I need and more
         C                           F            C
When the cards are on the table, and I am set for broke Oh,
       Am                F        C
you're everything that I need and more
Am G F C - Am F G C - C F C Am F C
[Verse 2]
          C                                      F              C
So, don't stare when you Look Back Cause They’re Always Gaining Fast
        Am              F               C
And the highway sings a song that never fades
And the leaves, they'll fall another year
Time knocks you down like a
Mother's tears
    Am                  F                C
And I ain't breaking as long as I'm with you, my dear
And if the city burns to ashes,
        F               C              Am                F        C
and the trees turned to smoke You'd be everything that I need and more
When the cards are on the table,
    F            C
and I am set for broke
           Am                F        C
Oh, you're everything that I need And more
C F C Am F C x2
F                   C
As long as I'm with you
F                   C
As long as I'm with you
C F C Am F C

Introduction to Chords
The song uses a series of chords that evoke a rich emotional tapestry: C, F, Am, Em, G.
These chords are relatively simple and common, making them accessible for beginners.
The intro and verse sections weave these chords together to set a reflective and intimate tone.

Playing the Intro and Verses
The intro sets the mood with a sequence that repeats: C, F, C, Am, F, C. This sequence is
also the foundation for the verses. The key to playing these parts is to focus on a smooth
transition between chords, maintaining a steady rhythm that matches the song's
contemplative nature.

Strumming Pattern: For the intro and verses, a gentle strumming pattern that alternates
between down and up strokes will complement the vocal lines well. Emphasize the
first beat of each measure to anchor the rhythm.
The chorus brings a slight uplift in the song's dynamics while maintaining the same
chord progression as seen in the verses but with added emotional weight.
The transition to the chorus should feel natural, yet emphasize the lyrical themes
of steadfastness and devotion.

Dynamics: Increase the intensity of your strumming slightly to match the emotional
lift of the chorus, but be careful not to overpower the vocals.
Break and Outro
The break section before the outro simplifies the instrumentation, focusing on the
core chords. This section is a good opportunity to dial back on the strumming intensity,
creating a space for the lyrics to resonate deeply.

The outro revisits the introductory chord sequence, acting as a reflective bookend
to the song. Here, maintain a gentle strumming pattern, letting the song fade out
on a note of introspective calm.

Playing Tips
Ensure that your guitar is well-tuned to achieve the best sound quality.
Practice the chord transitions slowly at first, especially if you're a beginner.
Speed and smoothness will come with time.
Pay attention to the emotional narrative of the song. Your playing should mirror
the ebbs and flows of the storyline, enhancing the overall experience.
Listen to the original track to get a sense of the song's dynamics and tempo.
This will help you understand how to best accompany the lyrics with your guitar playing.

Shane Smith & The Saints ChordsShane Smith & The Saints Lyrics

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