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Fire In The Ocean chords by Shane Smith & The Saints

Shane Smith & The Saints Chords

                G      Bm      D      D
Two, three, four
G           Bm
I couldn't hold you
          D                    G
But I've dreamed that way sometimes
In the old days
 Bm         D
We'd raaaa-aaaage
     C            G
But have you ever in your mind
 Em                  D
Dreamed as far as a fire in the ocean
C            G
Or a highway to the stars
Em              D                C   G   Em   D
I can dream my way back to your arms
C    G    Em    D
 C                     G
Hold my breath till I suffocate
 Em         D
Anytime it plays in my mind
 C           G
Will I ever see your face
 Em                     D
Will I ever hold you again in this life
 C            G
Have you ever in your mind
 Em                  D
Dreamed as far as a fire in the ocean
C            G
Or a highway to the stars
Em            D             C
I can dream, babe I, I can dream
 G   Em  D
Yeah    yeah yeah
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
     C            G
And have you ever in your mind
 Em                  D
Dreamed as far as a fire in the ocean
C            G
Or a highway to the stars
Em              D                C   G   Em
I can dream my way back to your arms
 D            C  G  Em  D
Back to your arrrms
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D
C   G   Em   D

Chord Progression and Strumming
The song utilizes a few basic chords: G, Bm, D, C, and Em. These chords are
commonly used in many songs, making them familiar to beginners and seasoned
players alike.

Intro and Verse
The intro sets the mood with a simple count-in, followed by the verse progression
G, Bm, D, repeating and creating a buildup to the narrative.

For the intro and verses, focus on a steady strumming pattern. A good pattern to start
with is down-down-up-up-down-up for each chord, providing both rhythm and texture.
The transition from G to Bm to D is pivotal in setting the song's tone, so practice
switching between these chords smoothly to maintain the flow.
The chorus introduces a shift with C, G, Em, and D, offering a melodic uplift that
contrasts with the verse's introspection.

In the chorus, maintain the strumming pattern but pay attention to the dynamics.
You might want to strum a little louder or with more intensity to match the emotional lift of the lyrics.
The lyrics "Dreamed as far as a fire in the ocean" are central to the song's theme.
Your playing should reflect the expansive, dreamy quality of this imagery.
Instrumental Sections
The instrumental sections follow the chorus chord progression and provide a
space for emotional expression without words.

During these sections, you can experiment with the strumming pattern or add a bit
of improvisation to personalize your play.
Keep the dynamics in mind, building up towards the chorus and then winding down
to transition back into the verse smoothly.
The outro revisits the chorus progression, gradually winding down to close the song.
This is your opportunity to gradually decrease your strumming intensity, bringing the
song to a reflective end.

Playing Tips
Tuning: Make sure your guitar is in standard tuning (E A D G B E) for this song.
Chord Changes: Practice the chord changes slowly at first to ensure smooth transitions,
especially between the Bm and D chords, which can be challenging for beginners.
Emotional Expression: Pay close attention to the emotional content of the lyrics and let
it guide your strumming intensity and dynamics. This song is about longing and dreamy
contemplation, so your playing should convey these feelings.
Listen to the Original: Listening to Shane Smith & The Saints' original recording will help
you understand the song's dynamics and how your guitar playing fits within the overall arrangement.

Shane Smith & The Saints ChordsShane Smith & The Saints Lyrics

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