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Without A Sound chords - SheDaisy

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SheDaisy Sheet music
                Intro: D A E D A E  

N.C.              D     A    E
I pull the covers cross the bed
                D       A      E
I tuck away the thoughts in my head
           D      A      E
And I live behind closed doors
               D      A    E
Knowing I will always love you more

N.C          D- -A
I won’t fall apart
               D       A     E
I won’t lie in pieces on the ground
             D- -A
I won’t fall apart
             D      A      E
If we say it all without a sound 

N.C.             D  A    E
If we could last another day
                    D    A  E
Filled with nothing left to say
               D    A   E
I will know I loved my best
                   D    A         E
And maybe I could put my heart to rest

Chorus (E on "I won't fall")

   D  E             D   E
Ooooh, ohh ohh hey yeah yeah
                             D                            E
If I could make the sun rise a little too slow
               D         E           D
To keep from hearing what I already know

Chorus (No chords on "I won't fall") 

(same as in verse)
I will live behind closed doors
Knowing I will always love you more

[Thanks to for tabs]

SheDaisy ChordsSheDaisy Lyrics

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