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She Don't Love Me chords by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Chords

Intro:  (G)  (A)  (Bm)  (A)  (G)  (A)  (D) 

Ya know, if (G) I'd have (A) seen her (D) coming 
Well, I'd have (G) probably (A) tried to (D) hide 
But I (G) came ar(A)ound that (D) corner 
And she (G) caught me (A) by surp(D)rise 
There (G) was no (A) ice-cold (D) shoulder 
There (G) was no (A) ugly sc(D)ene 
She just (G) smiled, (A) and didn't (D) say the things 
I (G) thought she'd (A) say to (D) me 

It was (G) nothing (A) like that (D) rainy night 
She (G) left and sl(A)ammed that (D) door 
Not (G) only - (A) she don't (Bm) love me 
(A) She don't (G) hate me (A) any(D)more  (G)  (A)  (Bm)  (A)  (G)  (A)  (D) 

Well, I (G) felt like (A) some old (D) neighbor 
Like (G) some guy (A) she once (D) knew 
You'd (G) never (A) know she (D) loved me 
And I (G) broke her (A) heart in (D) two 
Was she (G) hiding (A) her emo(D)tions 
Did she (G) really (A) get that (D) strong 
Right (G) then she (A) turned 
And (D) introduced me (G) to her (A) new friend, (D) John 

I could (G) tell the (A) way he (D) shook my hand 
He'd never (G) heard of (A) me bef(D)ore 
Not (G) only - (A) she don't (Bm) love me 
(A) She don't (G) hate me (A) any(D)more  

There (G) was no (A) ice-cold (D) shoulder 
There (G) was no (A) ugly sc(D)ene 
She just (G) smiled, (A) and didn't (D) say the things 
I (G) knew she'd (A) say to (D) me 

I guess (G) she's (A) so caught (D) up with him 
My (G) memory's (A) gone ign(D)ored 
Not (G) only - (A) she don't (Bm) love me 
(A) She don't (G) hate me (A) any(D)more  

  I (G) know it (A) might sound (D) crazy 
  But, I don't (G) know what (A) hurts me (D) more 
  Is it the (G) fact that (A) she don't (Bm) love me 
  And (A) she don't (G) hate me (A) any(D)more

Blake Shelton ChordsBlake Shelton Lyrics

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