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Mama Knows chords - Shenandoah

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Mama Knows
Written by Tony Haselden and Tim Menzies
Recorded by Shenandoah
Transcribed by Keith Reding

I will not attempt to transcribe the tablature.  This song has a lot
of finger picking.  It would take several hours to work out this part!

Capo 1


G   C    D    C    G    C    D    G

G             D             C
Me and Jimmy Chrowder and a single cigarette

G                  D                C
Crouched down in a stall out in the barn

G           D             C 
Three puffs later we were sick as we could get

G              D             C      D   (C  B bass lead)
praying we get better before we got home

Am                            D               (C  B bass lead)
she saw me comin' through the back door screen

Am          Em              C         D
I knew the minute that she looked at me


     G   C       G    C
Mama knows, Mama knows

G         Em                 C            D
somehow I think she's got a window to my soul

     G   C  G          C
Mama knows, Mama knows

Em           Am              C    D
Even when I think it doesn't show

     C                  G    C   D    C
Mama knows, mama knows

Verse 2

Me and Becky Johnson (make when deep) and ocean waves 
(I can't understand the lyrics in this part)

pants rolled up and hearts out on our sleeves
both feelin' more than either one of us could say
that first love let the sweetest memory
Fifteen and shy I didn't tell a soul
how is that Mama never has to be told

Repeat Chorus


Am                      D
I wasn't home when Mama passed away

I didn't get to say I love you
D     E
but I got this feelin'

Repeat chorus (key change up one whole step)

Keith Reding
St. Louis, MO

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