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Under The Kudzu chords - Shenandoah

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                UNDER THE KUDZU
4:36 PM 1/13/2005

Capo 2nd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (G) (Em) (C) x 2

Well, I (G) live all alone in Chickasaw (C) County
(G) Out on 10(D)9
Where the (G) rundown barns and rusted tr(C)actors
Are (G) covered in (D) kudzu (G) vine
Now, for 85 years, my people raised (C) cotton
Till (G) grandaddy lost his (D) land
And it's (G) scattered all over this end of the (C) state
Gettin' (G) by any(D)way that we (G) can

  But, (Em) un(D)der the (G) kudz(C)u (G) vine
  The mighty south lies sl(D)eepi(G)ng
  (Em) Dream(D)ing of (G) grow(C)ing
  And (G) slowly slipped aw(D)ay
  On (Em) autum (D) nights like (G) this, (C) boys
  I can (G) almost hear her (D) weeping
  (C) Out there, (D) under the (G) kudzu

If you (G) follow that hot tar road down to (C) Jackson
You (G) pass through Planters(D)ville
(G) That's where I worked and spent my (C) money
Un(G)til they closed (D) down the (G) mill
I got read bad to drinkin'
My sweet Sam(C)antha, (G) packed up her things and (D) moved
I (G) hear she's a qualified beau(C)tician
(G) Working down in (D) Baton (G) Rogue

Repeat Chorus

Yes, I (C) walk on over to the (D) Pitstop Market
And (Em) buy me a Coke to (G) drink
I (C) lay on the hood of this (C/B) old Camero
And (Am) wait for the sun to (C) sink (D)

Solo: (Em) (D) (G) (C) (G) (Em) (D) (G) (C) (G) (D)

  On (Em) autum (D) nights like (G) this, (C) boys
  I can (G) almost hear her (D) weeping
  (C) Out there, (D) under the (G) kudzu 
  (C) Out there, (D) under the (G) kudzu 

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