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I Ain't Dead Yet v2 chords - Ashton Shepherd

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I Ain't Dead Yet v2 Sheet music
Intro A D E A

(A) I got a baby at home, a to-do (D) list a mile long
And a (A) husband who comes home each (E) night
I (D) do the (A) laundry, I cook and (A7) clean
It's my (D) responsiblity and i'm (A) usually in the (E) bed by (A) nine

But I still (D) like a cold beer and a (A) long dirt road
And listenin' (D) to some Keith Whitley / Hank Williams on the (A) radi-(E)-o
Don't mean I (D) ain't a good Mama, don't mean I (A) ain't a good wife
(A7) I'm just like (D) anybody else that needs a (A) break from time to (E) time
And I (D) know my obligations and (A) believe me, they are (F#m) met
I may be gettin' (D) older, but I (E) ain't dead (A) yet

My life's a lot different now, i'm proud of how it's turned out
And the folks like me, they understand
There's almways somethin' to be done
But I still like havin' fun, it's just part of who I am

Repeat Chorus
I may be gettin' (D) older, but I (E) ain't dead (D) yet (A) 

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