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Old Memory chords

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            Capo 1st Fret

Intro (Bm) (A) (G) (Bm) (A) (G) (A)

I've got a (G) pocket full of money I shouldn't (D) spend
(G) To drink him away (D) again
(G) My heart stops cold in my (D) chest
There he is in the (Bm) back of the (A) bar lookin' his (G) best (A)

He passes me by and grabs a stranger's hand
He pulls her on the floor to dance
Oh no, I don't understand
He don't even know who I am

He's just an (D) old (A) memory that don't remember (Bm) me (G)
And I (D) can't get (A) over him
Though it's been so (Bm) long since he chose to (G) leave
And i'm a (D) grown (A) woman
I should have (Bm) already set myself (G) free
From that (D) old (A) memory that don't remember (Bm) me (G)
He (A) don't remember (Bm) me (A) (G) (A)

But I remember the smell of his cologne
And tonight he had it on
And I remember the feel of his skin And I can't help but go back there again Repeat Chorus except He (A) don't remember me (Bm) (A) (G) (A) (D)

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