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Lay On The Tracks chords

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            Stephen Simmons - Lay On The Tracks

Capo 4 

C Am G

C                                       G
Trying to find the silver linin in this cloud
C                                                                G
Is like trying to take an beatup old guitar and trying to find a sound
C                                    G
I'm down in the floor I'm out in the trash
C                                                               G
I'm the ashtray over in the corner that you never clean out the ash

Am                           C
Baby your gone and you ain't never gonna look back
Am                                       C
But I'm the type of guy you know I ain't never been good at that
Am                           C               D               G
Cause if I can't ride on the train I just as soon lay on the tracks

You can lay new floors now babe repaint your walls Different tile every spring new color every fall But I'm down in the cracks creases of your floors And I'm in the closets of your rooms you don't use anymore Chorus Well I see you driving down the road adjusting you mirror You turn it over to the other side so you can't see me here But I'm under your hood plugs and the wires So I'm spinning out of control in the tracks of your tires Chorus

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