Loserville chords - Stephen Simmons

Stephen Simmons Lyrics

            Stephen Simmons - Loserville  

     INTRO: B E B E 
     Well it?s another dead night around here 
     Another Saturday night here in Loserville 
C#m                                                 F# 
     And all us losers are looking for something to do 
     Well Robert Earle?s my best friend 
     And my Daddy used to work with his 
C#m                                              F# 
     Way back before they shut down the Textile Mill 
     Well Bobby and William both live up the road 
     And I?ve known ?em for years now forever I suppose 
C#m                                        F# 
     Not a bad group all in all as losers go 
     Well I stole a twenty from my old Man?s wallet just cause it was there 
E And we took off down the road just drinking our beer C#m F# A dangerous combination of nothing to lose and nothing to fear G#m E I didn?t know just how fast life goes G#m E Took it for granted just because it wasen?t fun I suppose, I suppose Play INTRO B Well old man Jonhson lives on the outskirts of town E That crazy old man, nobody goes around C#m F# Nobody ?cept for punks like me and my friends B We?d pull up in his yard and throw bottles at his house E Open all his gates and let his cattle out C#m F# And just for a laugh drive back by again B Well I guess he finally got tired of all our sh*t E The day he came running out of that house choking that thirty-ought six C#m F# I just prayed to God that he?d miss B Well I heard the glass shatter and blood hit the dash E Hear Bobby screaming but William didn?t make a sound C#m F# And I was going too fast to ever slow down B Well I tried to gain control but I ran off the road E Ran right through his front yard right through his soul C#m F# The look on that old man?s face forever etched in stone Play CHORUS Play INTRO B Well William?s been dead for almost six years E Heard Bobby moved off and had a couple kids C#m F# And they say Robert Earle these days most of the time don?t even know where he is B But he was in the front seat with me on that cold January day E The day that old man bloodied that nasty Chevrolet C#m F# I still remember him screaming "Look Out", guess those were the last words that he?d ever say B Well me I finally got out of that town E Got thirty more years and I figure I?m Hell bound C#m F# Sometimes I?d like to say that I?m sorry, buy I don?t know just who I would tell Play CHORUS E B E I suppose, I suppose, I suppose END: B E But me I can?t help wonder tonight in my cell, what?s going on tonight... B Down in Loserville