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Hold On Tight chords - Ricky Skaggs

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Ricky Skaggs Sheet music
Hold On Tight (Let It Go)

Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White

Keys = Bb - G - A - D

Intro: Bb - Bb - Bb - Bb

               Bb                              F7              Bb  
(SW)	Well I Know That I'm In Trouble When I Think I Know It All
	                            F7            Bb
	My Pride Always Takes A Bow Just Before I Fall
	           Eb                          Bb
(RS)	But You're Just As Right As Me And I'm Just As Wrong As You
	                                      F7              Bb 
(Both)	We're In This Love Together And We're Bound To See It Through


	        Eb                       Bb
(RS)	Hold On Tight  --  (SW) Let It Go
	    Eb             Bb                                 F7
(Both)	Our Love Is Always Strongest When We Let Our Weakness Show
	         Eb                     Bb                 Eb			
(RS)	We Don't Have To Give In To The Prideful Wind That Blows
                      Bb      F7                 Bb - Bb - G - G 
(SW)	If We Hold On Tight  --  (Both) Let It Go

          G                          D7              G
(RS)	A Careless Word In Anger Can Wound Another's Heart
                                             D7                G
	In Self Defence A Wall Is Built That Keeps Us Worlds A-part
	            C                                  G
(SW)	Well I'm As Much To Blame As You And You're As Innocent As Me
	                                           D7              G 
(Both)	There's One Locked Door Between Us And For-giveness Is The Key

Chorus (Key = G)

	        C                        G
(SW)	Hold On Tight  --  (RS) Let It Go
	    C              G                                  D7
(Both)	Our Love Is Always Strongest When We Let Our Weakness Show
	         C                      G                  C			
(SW)	We Don't Have To Give In To The Prideful Wind That Blows
                      G       D7                 G - G 
(RS)	If We Hold On Tight  --  (Both) Let It Go


                A                 D 
(Both)	Hold On Tight  --  To The Love That Lives Inside Us
        E7                   A
	Don't Hang On To The Feelings That Divide Us

                G                        D  
(Both)	Hold On Tight  --  (RS) Let It Go
	    G              D                                  A7
	Our Love Is Always Strongest When We Let Our Weakness Show
                 G                      D                  G
(RS)	We Don't Have To Give In To The Prideful Wind That Blows
                D                         A7             D   G  
	Hold On Tight  --  (Both) Hold On Tight Let It Go
                      D                         A7
(SW)	If We Hold On Tight  --  (Both) Hold On Tight
                 D            D              D   
(RS)	Let It Go  --  (Both) Let It Go  --  Let It Go

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Skaggs Ricky
Buy Skaggs Ricky CD

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