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Ricky Skaggs   If That's The Way You Feel   by Ralph Stanley
                                               Peggy Stanley 

Ricky Skaggs      Guitar (Acoustic & electric), Guitar, Mandolin,
Jerry Douglas     Dobro
Ray Flacke        Guitar (Electric)
Sonny Curtis      Guitar (Acoustic)
Buck White        Piano
Lea Jane Berinati Vocals
Bruce Bouton      steel guitar
Dennis Burnside   Piano, fender rhodes
Bobby Hicks       Fiddle
Jerry Kroon       drums      
Joe Osborne       Bass
Cheryl Warren     Vocals
Sharon White      Vocals

F                 Bb                  F   
I don't blame you for I know you want him
          C7                     F
That your love for me was never real
Bb F I could hold you but you'd be unhappy C7 F But it's alright if that's the way you feel Bb F I know that I will always go on caring C7 F And my feelings now I must conceal C7 F Bb F I still need you and I want you with me C7 F But it's alright if that's the way you feel SOLO in F then in G D G C G I always knew someday that I would lose you D7 G When those lies about me were revealed D7 G C G It's plain to see sweetheart you believe them D7 G But it's alright if that's the way you feel C G I know that I will always go on caring D7 G C G I still need you and I want you with me D7 G But it's alright if that's the way you feel From Ricky Skaggs "Waitin For The Sun To Shine" Epic Records 1981 Acuff Rose Publishing

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