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Half A Man chords - Anthony Smith

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Anthony Smith Sheet music
If That Ain't Country
Written by: Anthony Smith
Note: Dm7= 000211   
      F  = 033211   Just remove the 33 and you get a Dm7 
h means to hammer on 

Intro - played quickly - listen to recording for timing
1st one

2nd one just before singing 
-------------h2-0--    <---- This string gets tuned to a D, 
then open it drones on through the song adding richness to 
the rythmn guitar

D chord riff played at the x 
Played while holding the D major chord as a vamp

            D   x                     x
I can chop wood   from dusk till dawn
D                    x                            x
I can swing a hammer     till the daylight's gone
D                  x                                        x
I can build a barn   I can make a home with these two hands
                      F   Dm7   G                 D   
But if I didn't have all your love I'd be half a man
            D   x                         x   
I can fly plane    up in the big blue sky
D                               x                          x 
Blaze a trail through the woods    in my four-wheel drive
D                                                                x
With a team of horses or an old John Deere I can plow this land
                      F   Dm7  G                  D 
But if I didn't have all your love I'd be half a man

                       G                   F
      I can hang the stars I can rope the moon
       F                                  D
      Walk across Texas in these cowboy boots
                    G                        F
      I can run a train when it runs outta track
       F                                           D
      With the weight of the world laid across my back
              D            G                  F    
      But my life still wouldn't be worth a damn
                        F   Dm7  G                  D  
      If I didn't have all your love I'd be half a man
         I'd be half a man

D                    x                           x  
I could build a fire    usin' nothin' but a stick
D                      x                                x 
If I put my mind to it    there ain't much I can't fix
D                    x                                                   x       
I can read and count   I can figure things out if you'd give me a chance
                      F   Dm7   G                 D 
But if I didn't have all your love I'd be half a man

chorus, chorus with ending.

Anthony Smith ChordsAnthony Smith Lyrics

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