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Ashes To Ashes chords by Darden Smith

Darden Smith Chords

G D C G G D C G 
     doctor d octor   make me  young    undo the  damage   living h as done 

  G D C G 
     my legs ar e weak cause I  walked t his far my 

  G D C G 
     fingers are  blistered cause  I work thi s hard 

  C D 
     and my eyes can't s ee through the clouds my 

C D n.c. ears can't hear through the roar of the crowd (verse 3)to **(CODA)**
  G D C G 
     ashes to  ashes..   dust to  dust .. 

  G D C G 
     everyone's bo rn to die now..  everybody  must... 

G D C G G D C n.C. stand up to fall down boom to bust. ashes to ashes........
  G D C G G D C G 
     dust to  dust   d ust to  dust...... ...                  

Repeat for Verse 2
G D C G G D C n.C. (extra chords at) Repeat to **(CODA)** (end of verse 2) For Verse (3)
**(CODA)** (change key)
  A E D A 
    a hses t o ashes  d ust to  dust 

  A E D A 
     everybodys b orn to die now  every  body must 

  A E D A A E D A 
     stand up to  fall down  boom t o bust a shes to  ashes  d ust to  dust 

This song is pretty simple, except you have to add the bar at the end of VERSE 2 then repeat for VERSE 3

Darden Smith ChordsDarden Smith Lyrics

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