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Frankie And Sue chords - Darden Smith

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                Frankie and Sue by Darden Smith


       E     A     E     A (n.c.)         E     A     E     A

       E               A                   E            A
      frankie went to china  looking for a girl

       E                     A
       frankie didn't mind   takin' the time to

       E                      A
      travel halfway around   the world...

      B             A          B                 A
     frankie had to find her   even if it meant ..

    B                     A             E       A
    frankie went to china looking for a girl... looking for a

      E          A
     girl.....  ...... now

    Section  (A)

     E                     A              E                 A
     suzie went to china   oh    broke    frankie's  heart.....
     suzie said  frankie   ooh     I'm...  really touched.. I al-

      E                 A                  E            A
     she didn't realize...frankie couldn't  stand to be a-part
  ways figured that you loved me but I just couldn't figure out how

      B           A             B                  A
    frankie.....acted tough he..never let on about the tender stuff
  and if you really mean what you say come back with me to the USA

      E                  A            E                 A
     suzie went to china  ooh broke   frankie's heart......
      Hoo...             frankie I'm.. really touched......

      Section (B)

        B (n.c.)    A        E                    A
      Whoa..       Oooh..    there aint nothing   you can do

       B        A          E                  A
     Whoaah...  oooh       one day love is gonna  find you

       E         A            E         A (n.c.)
     Whoa...    oooh...    Whoa...     just like frankie and

     E                    A               E               A
     sue like frankie and sue frankie and sue frankie and sue..
                                                        frankie and

      E               A                 E            A
    Whoa ...          Oooh              Whoa...        oooh....
  sue like frankie and sue like frankie and sue like frankie and sue
                                         3rd verse **To (B) **

     E          A             E           A (n.c.)
    Oooh..............                      now..

     E (n.c.)         A (n.c.)     E (n.c.)     A (n.c.)
     frankie found suzie It was.. baby please.. please baby please

     E (n.c.)               A (n.c.)     E          A
    beggin you now the only way I know   how.....  suzie....

     E              A             E               A
     oooh...       don't belong...over here in.. hong kong

   E      A        E         A       E               A
  oooh..  suzie baby she said please baby please

    2nd Verse
    Repeat Section (A)

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