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Out Loud chords - Mindy Smith

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Out Loud Sheet music
Mindy Smith
"Out Loud"

Capo on 3rd Fret

   B?    D/F#


Am   C/B            C         F
Hey friend why do we always hide
Am   C/B            C              F
It's no wonder that we're sinking down
Am           C/B         C           F
Why should we stand in lonely shadows 
C 	  	    G
with so much light around.

Am    C/B            C         F
Hey Friend why do we always cry
Am        C/B                C      F
so many tears are going to dry us out
Am          C/B   
what ever they're selling 
C               F
we better stop buying
C                          G
cause' our pockets are empty now.


G                        Am       F       C        G
I thought about it and I prayed about it out loud out loud
G 	  	  	  Am      F 	        C 	 G
And we can talk about it we can pray about it out loud out loud

Third Verse is the same as first two
and the chorus is the same


F                        C
Ain't it time we need a change 
            D/F#         F           C
we need to change a few things a few things
F                         C
Think its time we need a change
            D/F#         F            C     
we need to change a few things a few things


Hope this makes sense.

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