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The Broken Wedding Ring chords - Hank Snow

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Hank Snow Sheet music
The Broken Wedding Ring
Hank Snow

Capo 1

D                                    G               D
A cowboy with his sweetheart stood beneath a starlit sky
   G              D               E              A7
Tomorrow he was leaving for the lonesome prairie wide
     D                                   G              D
She said "I'll be your loving bride when you return someday"
     G           D             A7             D   
He handed her a broken ring and to her he did say

D                                         G                 D
"You'll find upon that ring sweetheart my name engraved in gold
    G                 D                A7                  D
And I shall keep the other half which bears your name you know."

                                             G                D
Three years had passed, he did not come, and Nell will wed tonight
      G             D                   E             A7
Her father said an Earl would make her happy home so bright
      D                                G                  D      
The lights were gaily glowing as they stood there side by side
         G              D                 A7              D     D-A7-D
"Let's drink a toast to this young man and to his lovely bride."

D                                        G              D
Just then there stood within the door a figure tall and slim
    G             D                     E             A7
A handsome cowboy was their guest and slowly he walked in
        D                                    G              D
"I'll drink with you a toast." said he, and quickly in her glass
      G                  D                  A7          D
He dropped his half of wedding ring, then anxiously he watched.

D                                         G                  D
She tipped her glass and from her lips a ring fell shining bright
      G            D                 E                A7
The token she had longed to see lay there beneath the light
    D                                         G                  D
"Though years have been between us dear, love won our last long fight,
      G               D              A7              D
It's you my cowboy sweetheart and my Jack I'll wed tonight."

Outro: D-A7-D


Hank Snow ChordsHank Snow Lyrics

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