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Pig chords - Sparklehorse

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                A#  G  C#  A x4

A                     G     C#  A
why don't you sing me that
A                     G     C#  A
pretty lullaby
A                        G     C#  A
then when you're singing great
A                     G     C#  A
pack it all up


I wanna new face right now
              G#      A#  G#
and I want it bad
I wanna new body that's strong
I'm a butchered cow

A#               G    C#  A
I wanna try and fly
A#               G    C#  A
I wanna try and die
A#            G    C#  A
I wanna be a pig
A#              G    C#  A
I wanna f**k a car


Interlude: A#  G  C#  A

F#                                           G#       A#  G#
I wanna be a stupid and shallow mutherf**ker now
F#                                                G#     A#  G#
I wanna be a tough skinned b**ch but I don't know how
F#                                         G#       A#  G#
I wanna be a shiny new baby with a squidgy brain
F#                                         G#
I wanna be a horse fill of fire what will never reign

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Buy Sparklehorse CD

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