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Rainmaker chords - Sparklehorse

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                Intro: D  D' A  G  D  D' G

you wish, yeah!

Bass riff:


Verse 1: (No guitar on first two lines)

D D'         A      G     D           D'      G
  all you've got to do is look in the sky and wish
D D'              A            G          D             D'     G
  you might see a space in the clouds or relaxing in a spirit ditch
E                  F#       G        A           G   F#
he's been known to sleep on piles of dry leaves
E              G     A     D
abandoned on October lawns
E             F#          G              A
sometimes he awakens with spiders on his eyelids


D           G
rainmaker's coming
D           G
rainmaker's coming
D           E     F#              G       A  
rainmaker's coming to soak us with water


Verse 2:
sometimes you feel just like a stone tossed into the deep
all you gotta do is touch a woman's face that's warm with sleep
and he can show up at your, your back door in the heat
trace him back before we was born
inquiring about an honest day's work for a decent meal


Verse 3:
sometimes he's hitching a ride in a freezer or appears as a mist
he's also been known to introduce himself as a scientist
he could be the retarded son of an old woman with 
seven fingers on each hand
'cos I know I reckon, he will come when he's beckoned for

Chorus: (only last two lines)

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Buy Sparklehorse CD

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