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Fermented Evenings chords - Max Stalling

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"Fermented Evenings"
by, Max Stalling
from the CD, "Comfort in the Curves"

Key of G

1st verse
[G] On fermented evenings
I get [G7] knee deep in the [C] wine
Your memory is [D] like a cork
It keeps me in it all the [G] time [D]
What used to be [G] enchanted
Is now [G7] drunk and  tired and [C] blue
And these fermented [D] evenings
Are all that's left of me and [G] you [C] [G]

[G7] Sweet fruit that [C] was our love
Has been replaced with [G] alcohol
Now I have fermented [C] evenings
[D] Every evening because
[G] They say the sweetest [G] grapes will make 
The strongest [G7]  wine I know that's [C]  true
The sweetest love makes the [D] weakest fools
Look at me I'm living [G] proof [C] [G]

2nd verse
[G] On these fermented evenings
When the [G7] night comes pressing [C] down
That's when the wine comes [D] out
By the gallon and I [G] drown [D]
The wines a nice [G] burgundy
My [G7] tears a [C] Chardonnay
Your memory lets [D] them both out
Wish I could throw this cork [G] away [C] [G]

Repute  Chorus

[G7] Sweet fruit that [C] was our love
Has been replaced with [G] alcohol
Now I have fermented [C] evenings
[D] Every evening because
What used to be [G] enchanted?
Is now [G7] drunk and tired and [C] mean
And these fermented [D] evenings
Are all that's left of you and [G] me [C] [G]

Yeah, these fermented [D] evenings 
Are all that's left of you and [C] me. [D] [G] [C] [G]

There you have it, friends. Another song interpreted by, Tony Williams.

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