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These Things I Dont Dare chords - Max Stalling

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These Things That I Don't Dare  by Max Stalling
Album: Comfort In The Curves
Transcribed by: Ryan Giesecke



Verse 1:

D                        G                            D                
Guess that I'm still living; you say you've seen me 'round

D                           G           A                          
Usually when I see you first I put my head down

D                                   G                 D                 
Like a cats afraid of slamming doors and innocent old rocking chairs

Guess that I am afraid of heartache

G                 A        D                                            
These things that I don't dare


If loving means hurting

          G            D                                              
I think I'll just be on my way

Never much of one for bleeding hearts

        G                   A                                          
I just don't think I want to play

Verse 2:

D                             G                       D                
If love was like a poker table I'd have folded long ago

D                              G                     A                  
Kept my cards close to my chest afraid to let them show

D                               G                      D                
Always have to have the pat hand never betting on the pair

Couldn't stand the risks involved with winning

G                 A        D                                           
These things that I don't dare


Verse 3:

D                        G                         D                    
Oh, I cuss my inhibitions wish I had the nerve to say

D                              G                       A                
The things about the way I feel and how I wish you'd stay

D                                   G                       D           
But my hearts like an old cat's tail and love's a rocking chair

Always do my best to keep my distance

G                 A        D                                           
These things that I don't dare



D                                   G                       D       
But my hearts like an old cat's tail and love's a rocking chair

D                                          G                 A        D
Always do my best to keep my distance from these things that I don't dare

G                 A        D                                                                     
These things that I don't dare

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