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Auburn chords by Jeremy Steding

Jeremy Steding Chords

Key: A
Capo 2 - Play like "G"

G, C, Am, D - 4x

G               C
Another night at another bar, 
Am                      D
Drinking beer and playing my guitar 
To a small crowd who talks loud 
About their lives and what they're proud of. 

The small things and the little dreams 
The big plans and the crazy schemes and 
America and Saturdays, 
Football games and, oh, the sunshine rays. 

G                       Em
I was pretty tired, I was feeling down 
Am                              D
I didn't feel like singing in this same old town. 
But I looked up, and I saw her, and 
She had: 

G               C
Auburn hair and Autumn Eyes. 
Am                      D
What a smile, God what a surprise 
It was at me, and she was so sweet, 
And, my God, she's beautiful. 
She was 5'3", she looked 19, 

In blue jeans and a "baby tee". 
She had a high mind,  Liked the fast times, 
Guitar players and their slanted rhymes. 
It was right then, and 
Em              Am….  Hold the Am, then turnaround
Only then that I knew… 
C                      D                        G
That only time and eyes make dreams come true. 


G                       Em
And if, someday, I'm on the big stage, 
Am                      D
Singing about how the times have changed. 
And how the world turns, and 
How the kids learn 
About God and America. 

If I lose sight of all that's right, 
and what got me here on Friday night… 
what got me here on Friday night… 
I'll think of: 

CHORUS…  outro - G, C, Am, D

**** notes - all instrumental sections, as well as the very first two parts of the verse are played - G, C, Am, D….  The last part of the first verse and all other verses are G, Em, Am, D….  it’s a bit odd***


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