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My Own American Dream chords by Jeremy Steding

Jeremy Steding Chords

Key of A

Capo 2
G, D, Am, D
G, D, Cadd9, D

G                       D
Oh Lord, what I got to show?
    Am                     D
For all those slow shows, downtown, downtown…
  G                         D
I know, some say I ought to grow
 Cadd9                  D
Up and get a real job, downtown, downtown…

*    Am    C                 D
But I got songs stuck in my soul
    Am    C                 D
and I’ll dry rot if I don’t roll.

       G                 D
So its 35 North, 20 due West
  Am                  D
21 days on too little rest
 G                       D
Too many red lights, Waiting on green
Am               C          D
High on hope and low on gasoline…
C       D        G
My Own American Dream…

I’ve tried and I’ve tried
Determined and denied
Knocked down four times
I stood up five
I got a good heart
Nerves’ steel
Tell me that I won’t and I’ll show you that I sure will
To be strong is to believe…

My Own American Dream
I got songs stuck in my sould
and I’ve been blessed and I’ve been bold…

and I got a pretty little girl
and she believes in me
I got the sun and the rain and the right to freedom
and a cold beer and some good friends

when my hands are tied, they’ve got a hand to lend

I got all a man could need.  (Living)

My Own American Dream

Outro:  G, D, Am, D - repeats to fade

Jeremy Steding ChordsJeremy Steding Lyrics

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