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Misty chords - Ray Stevens

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This was requested in the cowpie newsletter, this is the Ray Stevens version
of Misty.
Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon

[A7]Look at [Dmaj7]me, I'm as [Am7]helpless as a [D7]kitten up a Gmaj7]tree,
I'm [Gm]walking on a cloud, I [DMaj7]can't under[Bm]stand, I'm [Em7]misty,
[A7]holding your [D]hand.

[A7]Walk my [Dmaj7]way, and a [Am7]thousand vio[D7]lins begin to [G]play, Oh
that'll be the [Gm]sound of your hello, that [D]music I [Bm]hear, I'm
[Em7]misty, the [A7]moment you're [D]near.

[D]You can say that that you're [Am7]leading me on, [D7]but it's [D7-9]just
what I [G]want you to do, don't you notice how [Bm7]hopelessly I'm lost,
[E]that's why I'm [E7]following [Em]you. [A7]

[A7]On my [DMaj7]own, would I [Am]wander through this [D7]wonderland
a[G]lone, never knowing my [Gm]right foot from my left, my [D]hat from my
[Bm]glove, Oh I'm [Em7]misty and [A7]too much in [D]love.

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