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The Higher Education Of Ole Blue chords - Ray Stevens

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Ray Stevens Sheet music
                The Higher Education of Ole Blue
written by C.W. Kalb, Jr.

INTRO: C  G7  F  C

Well my daddy was a backwoods self-made type
Never went to school, couldn't read nor write
            C                            G7
But made a fortune sellin' hogs, and was suspicious of education
So when I told him I was goin' off to scool
He said "well you listen to me you dumb cityfied fool
     C                                      G7               C
So don't expect no help from me son, and no financial remineration"
       G                                           C
Now my dad was tight but he loved his dogs, that's true
             D7                                  G
Yeah and his favorite of the pack was called Ole Blue

So I called my dad when I got to college
I said "Dad I know you don't think much of human knowledge
    C                                                        G7
But they got a course down here where they can teach dogs to speak, yeah
Now I don't mean speak like bark for a bone
Nah they say these dogs can carry on
   C                                  G7            C
An intelligent conversation and some even go on to teach, yeah
           G                                           C
And when I heard of that course of course I thought of you
         D7                                       G
And how great it'd be for you to sit and talk to Ole Blue"

Well the line fell silent and I thought all was lost
But he finally spoke up said "what's that cost?"
        C                                G7
I said "Dad it's a bargain at five thousand per semester"
Well he didn't balk and he didn't complain
'n Ole Blue showed up on the very next train
     C                 G7                 C
And that's how my dad became the priority investor

       C                F      C
In the higher education of Ole Blue
                            D7        G
A story that if it's not at all to be true
        C7                        F
About a fiscal windfall situation of my very own creation
    C           Am               C        G      C
The inspiration that I call the education of Ole Blue

And the money just kept on rollin' in, ha ha ha
For 8 semesters, forty thousand dollars, woo!

Well all too soon time to graduate
The day had dawned I'd come to hate
    C                                G7
The day I had to go home and face my dad
When I stepped off the train he said "where's Ole Blue?
Phew! Phew! Phew! boy come here I wanna talk to you!
        C                                       G7                       C
And I swallowed hard and said Pop I've got some news and I'm 'fraid it's bad
You see comin' home on the train Ole Blue was smokin' his pipe
And readin' the New York Times
When he took off his glasses, looked over and said
'Boy are you aware of all your daddy's crimes?'

"Then he said 'he's a mass murderer just ask Denny Hog
And he's treated my mama just like a dog
     C                                                    G7
And rubbed my nose in stuff you wouldn't believe, made me sleep on the hard cold ground
But I can talk now and his days are through
'Cause I'm gonna tell your mama a thing or two
           C                                    G7                   C
About his secret drinkin' habits, yeah and his affair with the Widow Brown'
           G                                           C
And when I heard Blue says those things Pop, somethin' snapped inside my brain
     D7                                       G
So I grabbed him up and I strangled him and I throwed him off the train, yeah"

Well my dad looked at me his eyes ablaze
And his face contorted like somebody crazed 
        C                                    G7
And it didn't look like he'd believed a word I'd said
Then he grabbed my coat, pulled me up real close
      F                          N/C
Said "boy there's just one thing I wanna know
        C                             G7         C
Are you real sure that no-good lyin' fleabag is dead?", and that's


    C            Am              C        G      C    F   G  C
The inspiration that I call the education of Ole Blue 

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